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If you already know where you want to go, feel free to click there now. Otherwise, we’ll go through a brief overview.

The logged-in dashboard screen of the online banking platform is shown, with the account’s summary, quick options, recent transactions, and messages. The main navigation menu is located on the left.


With 网上正规网投实体 Online Banking, it’s easy to manage your accounts, make transfers, pay bills, and more from your computer. Similar to the mobile app version, 主菜单位于左侧,您可以在右侧查看所选内容. 通过点击菜单底部的你的名字,你可以注销, configure your settings, or add an account.

This menu allows users to navigate to the various screens of the platform. Each of the sections are illuminated as they are explained.


The dashboard allows you to easily access your accounts, quick options, transactions: which shows the most recent activity of all your accounts, messages, payments: where you’ll see your bill pay activity, transfers, and your recent deposits. You can also customize your dashboard to view what’s important to you. If you’re unsure about how to do something such as setting up eStatements, try clicking on the lightbulb to check out our “How-To” demos. Click on a menu item, or the lightbulb to learn more.



Try clicking on a menu item or the lightbulb to learn more.

The dashboard screen is shown.


By clicking on Add an account, you can easily open an additional account. Click on the X in the top right to return to the dashboard.

Open an Account” page is shown.


在这里你可以找到你所有的第一银行信息,包括余额和交易提醒. 你可以通过点击收件箱顶部的过滤器来过滤你的邮件. Try clicking on Accounts to learn how to set up a balance and transaction alert.

Messages screen is shown.


Viewing the details of your 网上正规网投实体 accounts is easy. From the Accounts 页,您可以完全管理每个帐户的功能,如查看可用 Balance and recent Transactions, View Documents, such as Account Statements, Stop Payments, and manage Alert Preferences.



Click on the Checking account to learn more about those options.

Accounts screen is shown with available accounts listed.


您可以查看该帐户的交易以及检查您的可用余额, and select any of the quick links to manage your account. Try clicking on Alert preferences or Documents to learn more.

The [cash account] screen is shown where you can view recent transactions, account details, and access quick options. All account options are highlighted as they are mentioned.


文档帮助您管理您帐户的电子报表和通知. You can click to view your electronic statements, choose to sign-up for electronic statements if you haven’t already, view or change your email settings for electronic notifications, or review account disclosures. Tap on Sign Up to learn how to enroll in eStatements.

Documents” button is pressed on the [cash account] screen. “文档”屏幕的顶部有一个菜单,用于在子页面之间切换. Currently, the eStatements/Notices sub-page is shown


Alerts help you stay up to date on what is happening with your account. 您可以添加警报,以通知您余额的变化或某些交易发生时. Try clicking on Add Alert for a demonstration. To return to your account, click on the Back arrow.

Alert preferences” button is pressed on the [cash account] screen. 警报首选项屏幕显示两个选项:添加余额警报或添加交易警报.


当您的余额高于或低于您选择的金额时,此警报将通知您. You can choose if you want to receive the notification via text message, email, or with an in-app message. Then, simply select Add alert, and you are done!

The [add alert] button is pressed under the “Balance alerts” header. A balance alert is then set up on the Alert preferences page.


You can modify or delete this alert by clicking on the Edit button. If you want to delete the alert, click on the trash icon like this. To return to your account, click on the Back arrow.

警报首选项屏幕显示,新创建的警报显示在“平衡警报”下。. 按下[edit]按钮,显示用于配置警报的选项. The [remove alert] icon


Transfers allows you to move money between your own accounts by selecting Make a Transfer. 您还可以查看下一个计划的传输,并在日历上的特定日期预览它们. Try clicking on Zelle to learn how to quickly send or receive money from people you know and trust.

Transfer screen is shown with scheduled transfers listed.


通过可以玩滚球的正规APP,您可以查看您的存款历史以及所有注册帐户. 如果您想进行远程存款,请使用第一银行的移动应用程序.



使用第一银行可以玩滚球的正规APP,您可以选择支付账单或向某人汇款. You can also send money to a person instantly using Zelle. Try clicking on Zelle to learn more.

P Payments屏幕显示了添加新收款人、支付账单或支付某人的选项. Payees and payment history can be shown on screen.


你可以使用Zelle快速发送或向你认识和信任的人要钱 Send or Request buttons. You can also manage your Zelle profiles and recipients at any time. 您最近使用Zelle的所有付款和请求将显示在这里. Try clicking on another menu item to learn more.

Zelle page is shown.


网上正规网投实体 offers support through both our call center and email messaging. Feel free to contact us whichever way is most convenient for you.

Support screen is shown with contact options.


Within settings, you can edit your profile, review or update your security settings, edit your account settings, and add a new account. Click on Security 以了解更多网上正规网投实体重置密码和管理2步验证的信息.

Settings screen is shown with the “Profile” sub-page in view.


在这里,您可以通过单击2-Step Verification来管理您的2-Step Verification选项

Settings screen is shown with the “Security” sub-page in view.


如果您已经启用了2步验证,并希望重置您的信息, you can click on your profile from the menu and then go to your settings. From there, click on Security. 在这里,您可以通过单击2-Step Verification来管理您的2-Step Verification选项.

Visual walkthrough of how to find 2-Step Verification settings.


You can easily add and remove verification systems such as Authy, a new device via calls or text messages, or an alternate authenticator app. Try clicking on Remove to see how 2-Step is set up for the first time or click on Set up to see how to add a new device.



添加新设备非常简单,只需输入你想要使用的电话号码,然后选择接收验证码的方式. In this case, we’ll select text message. 之后,输入发送到该设备的验证码进行确认. After that you’re all set!



首次登入第一银行可以玩滚球的正规APP时,会设置两步验证. You’ll be asked to choose a verification method. For now, we’ll select a phone number. 然后,您需要输入所需的电话号码,并选择您的偏好,以便我们如何将两步验证码发送给您. You can opt in to receive it as a text message or a phone call. 一旦你选择了一个选项,我们会给你发送一个代码来验证你的信息. After that you’re all set!

Visual walkthrough of how to enable/reset 2-Step Verification.


Customizing your profile can be done from the Settings page. You can get there by clicking on your profile and selecting Settings. Once here, you’ll be able to customize your profile picture, modify your preferred name, as well as change your address, email, and phone number.

Visual walkthrough of how to modify your profile through Settings.


You can quickly change your password by going to Settings and clicking on Security 但如果你忘记了密码,或者似乎无法登录你的凭据, you can easily reset your password through your computer. From the sign in page, click on Forgot. From here, you’ll need to type in your username and email. Once that’s been provided, 您将收到一个两步验证码,必须输入才能继续. After that, you are ready to create a new password for your account. We recommend making it a unique password that you don’t use anywhere else. 确保你的密码安全,并保存在安全的地方,这样你就不会忘记了. 更改密码后,您将自动登录第一银行可以玩滚球的正规APP.

Visual walkthrough of how to reset your password from the sign in page.


To set up eStatements, you’ll first want to navigate to the Accounts page. From here, you can click on any deposit account. Once you’re in an account page, click on Documents, and then Sign Up/Changes. 从这里开始,你所需要做的就是点击这个框来自动注册所有可用的帐户! 您还可以通过切换每个帐户旁边的复选标记来取消注册单个帐户. You need to click Save Settings to confirm the selection. After enrolling, you will need to review and agree to the eStatements Disclosure and Agreement. 如果您对披露协议有任何疑问,请联系第一银行. 您可以点击支持找到我们的电话号码或通过电子邮件发送您的问题. 如果您不同意,您将无法注册电子报表和通知. 你可以随时回去阅读遗产披露和协议通过点击 Disclosures on the menu shown at the top.

Visual walkthrough of how to set up eStatements through the Accounts page.


要设置警报,请进入要为其设置警报的帐户 Accounts and clicking on the preferred account. Once there, you can click on Alert preferences and choose to add either a Balance alert or a Transaction alert. Try clicking on the Add Alert button for a demonstration.



You can find card management options by first going into Accounts, and then selecting the account you’d like to manage. From there, select Settings. 通过点击卡管理选项卡,您将能够看到和管理您的所有活动卡的功能,如锁定您的卡, setting alerts, reporting a lost or stolen card, and reordering your card. To return to your account, click on the Back arrow.

Visual walkthrough of how to get to the Card Management page.

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